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Our Pharmacy Network - Helping the Injured


Our Pharmacy Network Partners with Physicians

At OPN, we make it our mission as a pharmacy for injured workers to follow up with each party involved in a workers’ compensation benefits case after an accident occurs. It’s important for us as a trusted pharmacy to let physicians know their injured worker patients are eligible for the delivery of their prescribed medications. The delivery of medication can be necessary for some injured workers since they may have broken limbs, difficulty moving, or even simply just be downright overwhelmed after the incident. If a doctor can let their injured worker patient know about their option to have their medication delivered by OPN, then this can make all the difference in relieving some of the stress for the patient. We believe at OPN that it’s crucial to open the line of communication between patients and physicians after a work-related injury occurs because helping each party during the difficult time can satisfy the desire for extra needed assistance.

What Our Pharmacy Network Can Provide For You

  • Submit your medication prescriptions easily via E-scripts, fax or simply by calling us.

  • We will fill your patient’s medications accurately and deliver them quickly to their home or office with no out of pocket cost.

  • We handle all of the paperwork for your patients so they can focus on getting better.