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Workers Comp Pharmacy for Patients

Our Pharmacy Network understands the difficulties that arise following a work-related injury, especially for the individual injured while on the job. Depending on the severity of the work-related accident case, the injured worker may not be able to move at all or be in pain when doing so. This is why a patient being informed about their eligibility for doctor-prescribed medication delivery can be helpful. If an injured patient understands that OPN entitles them to free shipment of their needed medication that was prescribed by their doctor, then this convenience can make all the difference.

OPN wants to make the next course of actions following a work-related incident as simple and hassle-free as possible for the affected working individual and involved parties. We feel the patient shouldn’t have to spend any more time or money on handling treatment post-injury. As a workers comp pharmacy, Our Pharmacy Network is dedicated to the injured worker and we want to get the prescribed medication to the door as soon as we can to help begin the healing process immediately.