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Pharmacy for Injured Workers For Patients

Our Pharmacy Network understands the difficulties and setbacks associated with a work-related injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, an injured worker may be in a great deal of pain and have limited mobility. In many cases, the injury is severe enough that an injured worker is unable to move and perform day-to-day activities. At Our Pharmacy Network, we are dedicated to helping injured workers get back on their feet and return to work as soon as possible. Through our home pharmacy delivery service, we deliver medication directly to your doorstep at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

As a specialty pharmacy servicing the South Florida area, we are committed to helping the working community through their time of need. We work closely with physicians, lawyers, and payers to facilitate the workers’ comp process and get you the medication that you need, quickly.

Pharmacy For Injured Workers

At Our Pharmacy Network, we ensure that patients do not have to worry about how they are going to get their medication, post-injury. Our mission is to make every step following a work-related injury simple and hassle-free. We are dedicated to the injured worker, helping them to begin the healing process by providing medication that will help them get onto the road to recovery. Our knowledgeable staff will inform you about patient eligibility for our doctor prescribed medication delivery service.

Injured Workers Rights In Florida

One of the benefits of workers comp in the state of Florida is that injured workers can choose which pharmacy they wish to receive their medication from. Florida law prohibits interference with an injured worker’s right to choose their pharmacy or pharmacist. If at any time an injured worker is not satisfied with the pharmacy they chose, they can simply choose another one to fill your prescriptions. At Our Pharmacy Network, we provide home pharmacy delivery which entitles you to have your medication delivered directly to your door, at no cost to you. All of the workers’ comp pharmacy benefits that we offer are completely free to you.

Home Pharmacy Delivery Service

Our home pharmacy delivery service is focused on getting you better so you can resume your life. As a workers comp pharmacy, an injured worker is entitled to free shipment of their doctor-prescribed medication. We work closely with doctors to handle any refills that you may need, by contacting your physician so you don’t have to wait to get your prescription.

What A Workers Comp Pharmacy Can Do For You

When you choose Our Pharmacy Network as your workers’ comp pharmacy, you will get:
  • We work with your physician, your workers’ compensation Florida lawyer, and health plan carrier so there is no delay in your treatment.​

  • We provide express doorstep delivery for your prescription medications to your home or office with no out of pockets cost to you.

  • Our highly trained staff is here to help you answer any questions that you may have.