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Workers’ Comp Pharmacy For Payers

Our Pharmacy Network cares about each party involved in a workers compensation benefits case following a work-related incident. At OPN, we want to help payers with the billing process and get the case closed as soon as possible to avoid extra costs. Our Pharmacy Network is reliable assistance to payers and can give any missing information to caseworkers when prompted to do so. As part of our mission as a workers comp pharmacy, OPN is dedicated to making sure every party is aware of the injured worker’s option for delivery of their prescribed information. We make it a point to make sure even payers understand this so that they are able to relay the information to the individual if they should ever communicate with the injured worker in case they are not aware.

What A Workers’ Comp Pharmacy Can Do For You

  • We get patients their much-needed medication quickly, so they can begin the healing process in emergency situations

  • We assist payers by providing all of the necessary information to close a claim faster, thereby reducing costs

  • Our professional and courteous staff is always here to help with any billing questions you may have

  • We are South Florida’s number one workers’ comp pharmacy

  • We deliver your medication to your home so there is no waiting in line or driving to your local pharmacy

  • We work with your insurance company to limit, if not eliminate your out of pocket expenses

  • If your claim for workers’ comp is denied, we are here to give a helping hand