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We Partner with Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Florida

At Our Pharmacy Network, our team is devoted to working with Florida Worker’s Compensation Attorneys. We are in constant contact with all parties, informing them of their clients’ options for free delivery of doctor-prescribed medication. OPN is dedicated to helping injured workers in any way possible. When it comes to dealing with an injured employee’s workers compensation benefits case, a workers compensation Florida lawyer can have a great deal of work ahead of them. It can be beneficial for them to know about their client’s ability to have prescribed medication delivered directly to them so that they have additional information for their client and can advise them on this convenient method of medication retrieval.

Workers compensation Florida Attorneys should be in the know about any information involving their injured worker’s case, including their client’s eligibility for medication delivery, which is why Our Pharmacy Network works with them to provide this information.

When Should You Hire Workers’ Compensation Florida Attorneys

In the state of Florida, workers injured on the job have the right to seek legal counsel of workers’ compensation attorneys. Not every injured worker will need to use an attorney for their workers’ comp case. You may need to hire a workers comp attorney if:
  • Work-Related injury requires extensive medical treatment.

  • The injury involves long periods of time off work

  • The injury results in permanent disability

  • Your employer denies your claim or doesn’t pay your benefits promptly.

  • Your employer’s settlement offer doesn’t cover all of your lost wages or medical bills.

  • Your boss retaliates against you for filing a workers comp claim.

  • You were injured because of a third party’s actions or due to your employer’s serious misconduct.

What A Workers’ Comp Attorney Will Do For You

An experienced attorney will make sure that an injured worker has filed all the necessary forms and has met all the deadlines. They will also know how to gather the evidence needed to support your worker’s comp case and negotiate effectively with the insurance company. A worker’s compensation lawyer can also draft up a settlement agreement to avoid unanticipated consequences. If an injured worker is not happy with the settlement options, then an attorney can represent them at a hearing or trial. If an injured worker wins their case, then the attorney will only get a limited percentage of the settlement.

Find A Good Workers Comp Attorney

At Our Pharmacy Network, we strive to be patient advocates and make it our mission to educate injured workers so that they are fully aware of their benefits and the workers’ compensation process in Florida. Due to our extensive experience with workers comp, we are also able to steer injured workers in the right direction when it comes to choosing a workers comp attorney.

Our Pharmacy Network allows your clients to keep Work And Non-work Related Treatment Separate

When your clients use Our Pharmacy Network for their work-related prescriptions and their neighborhood pharmacy for other non-work-related prescriptions, they will be able to keep related illnesses, conditions and treatment plans private. This has a range of benefits for your client including:
  • Removing the possibility of inadvertently revealing private medical records that have no bearing on the current worker’s comp claim.

  • We eliminate the hassle of separating charges related to work-related medication from non-work charges. This shortens the time needed to process claims with insurance providers.

  • We remove the likelihood that CMS will include non-work-related medications in the MSA Allocation by mistake.

Better Manage Your Client’s Case with help from Our Pharmacy Network

Our Pharmacy Network has extensive knowledge of Florida’s workers’ compensation laws and we make it our mission to proactively manage your client’s cases. We understand the intricacies of workers’ comp systems and will assist you in litigating your client’s case. We save you valuable time so there is no need to spend hours sorting through invoices and bills that were submitted incorrectly. Our Pharmacy Network is your point of contact with the Insurance company and we work with them on issues relating to payment, allowing you to focus on matters of litigation instead of billing. If you are a slip and fall lawyer in Miramar and the surrounding cities in Broward County, then you should utilize Our Pharmacy Network for your client’s workers comp needs to receive:
  • Direct access to your client’s medication and payment history with detailed reports that will assist you in the settlement process

  • We provide Letters of Medical Necessity (LMNs) that will support the reasonableness and casual relatedness of your client’s medications

  • Our staff compiles and makes ready bill packets that can be emailed to any destination of your choice. This frees up your staff from having to spend valuable hours compiling bills themselves

  • Our Professional Pharmacy provides cost projections that take inflation and change in prescription medication and treatment into factor to aid in settlement negotiations

Our Pharmacy Network will save your law clerks and paralegals countless hours sifting through bills, invoices, and prescriptions trying to resolve client issues. We make it our mission to ease your burdens while at the same time ensuring that your clients receive the treatment they need.

What A Workers’ Comp Pharmacy Can Do For You

There are many benefits to working with Our Pharmacy Network. We offer the following services to Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Florida:
  • Quick and efficient prescription filling and medication delivered directly to their client’s home or office at no out of pocket cost

  • Highly trained staff that is ready to answer any of their clients’ questions, thereby allowing you to focus solely on their case.

  • Reliable communication with the physician’s office and insurance carrier to avoid any delays in getting medication to your client.