Our Pharmacy Network


Our Pharmacy Network

OPN is a workers’ comp pharmacy that delivers medications quickly and directly to your home or office, with no out of pocket cost.

Fast, Free Delivery

OPN is a Florida-based workers’ comp pharmacy that specializes in personal injury, auto accident, slip and fall, and workers’ compensation, as well as, first responders covered by the Heart and Lung Bill. Enroll Today!
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How We Help You

Our Pharmacy Network takes the hassle and stress out of your prescription medication needs. Our professional and knowledgeable staff is always available to address your concerns and answer any questions. Your medication will be delivered to your home or office accurately and promptly, with no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Florida Workers Comp Pharmacy

As your trusted worker’s comp pharmacy in Florida, Our Pharmacy Network (OPN) provides injured workers with prescribed medication. From slip and falls in the workplace to automobile accidents on the road while on the clock, OPN dedicates its efforts to getting out prescribed medication to the injured employee as quickly as possible with no out-of-pocket expense. Whether the injured worker has physical difficulty getting to a pharmacy or has a great deal of stress post-injury from the incident, Our Pharmacy Network wants to help by quickly shipping prescribed medication to the patient’s home so the healing process can begin.

Our Philosophy

Our Pharmacy Network’s mission is to provide fast, efficient help to injured employees in Florida by delivering doctor-prescribed medication right to their doors. With no additional out-of-pocket payment, OPN is determined as a pharmacy for injured workers to take away some of the stress following a work-related injury. We are a workers comp pharmacy built on integrity and our mission is to serve the working public in their time of urgent need.

Choose OPN For Your Workers Comp Pharmacy Solutions

When an individual from a company is injured on the job, there is an entire protocol to follow. The process of handling workers’ compensation benefits can be overwhelming for an injured worker and the company. OPN wants to help relieve the stress and pressure following a work-related accident. Everybody has a hectic schedule, so a simple and quick way to receive necessary doctor-prescribed medication as soon as possible can help tremendously. As a pharmacy for injured workers in Florida, OPN wants to help patients, attorneys, physicians, and payers by shipping any prescribed medication to the injured employee immediately.

Working With Workers Comp Patients

After being involved in a work-related accident, an employee can quickly become a patient. There can be all types of stress and pain for the individual, which is why OPN wants to help the injured worker receive any doctor-prescribed medication as quickly as possible. At OPN, we work with patients by providing for them in their time of need. Instead of having to head over to a pharmacy or remembering to pick up a refill for a prescribed medication, injured workers can turn to OPN and we can ship out your prescription as soon as possible at no extra out-of-pocket cost. Getting injured on the job shouldn’t have to cost you anything extra or take away any more of your time. Being a well-established workers comp pharmacy, OPN understands this and vows to help you get your necessary prescribed medications quickly.

Working With Florida Workers Comp Lawyers in Workers Comp and Personal Injury Cases

OPN is dedicated to working with Florida workers comp lawyers because we feel it’s important that both the attorney and the client understand that the injured worker has the convenient option of receiving their doctor-prescribed medication right at their doorstep as soon as possible. We are a workers comp pharmacy that wants attorneys to be aware of the various options for their clients so that they can best instruct them with handling their case and receiving any necessary doctor-prescribed medication as soon as possible by delivery.

Working With Physicians

Our Pharmacy Network wants each party involved in the worker’s compensation benefits Florida process, including physicians, to be informed about free delivery of prescription medication to the injured worker. One of the best times to be notified about the option for delivery of medication at no additional out of pocket expense is when the injured worker visits a physician. At OPN, we want to make sure doctors are able to let their patients know the best and most convenient options for receiving their prescriptions following their work-related injury.

Working With Payers

It’s important at OPN that we work with payers because we know how difficult the process of dealing with a work-related injury and workers’ compensation benefits can be. Being a trusted workers comp pharmacy, Our Pharmacy Network can provide detailed information to payers to help speed up the closing of the claims process to lessen the overall cost. We want to make sure each party involved after a work-related accident, including payers, are informed about the patient’s eligibility for their doctor-prescribed medication to be delivered by OPN.

At Our Pharmacy Network, we take pride in what we do. We serve the working South Florida community during a time of immediate need. OPN makes it a point to get injured workers the help they need. If you have been involved in a work-related accident, contact us today to get your doctor-prescribed medication delivered.


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