What To Do When You’ve Suffered a Workplace Injury

June 3, 2020
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You’ll never know if you’ll be the victim of a workplace injury. They can happen at any time and to anyone, and you wouldn’t want to be left clueless when one happens to you. Because they can happen randomly, we here at Our Pharmacy Network always implore workplace employees to educate themselves on the proper steps to take when they’re injured on the job. Knowing what to do once you receive your workplace injury can save you a lot of time and money as well as reduce your stress when dealing with the insurance company. Continue reading below to learn what you should do if you’ve received a workplace injury.

Report Your Workplace Injury

It’s absolutely vital that you, the employee, report your injury as soon as possible once it occurs. If you don’t report your injury immediately, you might put yourself at risk of being denied a claim. Workers’ compensation insurance companies will always try to deny a claim if the injury was not promptly reported.

If The Injury is Work-Related, Make Sure to Notify The Health Care Provider

When you first seek medical care, make sure you notify your doctor that your injury is work-related. And when you do notify them, ensure that they record this information in your medical notes from the first visit. In numerous cases, the employer’s and the workers’ compensation insurance companies will try to deny claims since the first medical note didn’t mention the injury was caused in the workplace.

Present a Written Notice to Your Employer

A written notice should be drafted and presented to your employer. This form should include the date of the injury as well as a short description. After the accident occurs, present this notice as soon as possible. And always keeps a copy of the statement for your records as well. You may need the help of an attorney to draft and present this notice.

Keep a Record of All Missed Days of Work, All Travel, & All Expenses

By documenting all the expenses you’ve paid out of your own pocket, as well as all the traveling you’ve done and all the days of work you’ve missed, you increase your validity for a higher settlement. This may be the most important step that any injured worker must follow when recovering from a workplace injury.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney For Assistance

Trying to navigate through the workers’ compensation process can be stressful and frustrating. If you perform the wrong step, the insurance adjusters can use it against you in your claim. Moreover, you could miss jotting down crucial information when filing paperwork. But when you have a workers’ compensation attorney to assist you, you can expect the process to go along smoothly. Workers’ compensation attorneys can help you to fill out injury forms, deal with the insurance company, and ensure you’re receiving the proper treatment you need to recover. And when you choose Our Pharmacy Network to help you pick the right attorney for you, you can expect an attorney who is entirely devoted to helping you.

Contact Our Pharmacy Network Today For Your Workplace Injury Needs

We here at Our Pharmacy Network are renowned throughout all of South Florida for providing pharmaceutical delivery services to those in need. But besides our delivery services, we also help those who’ve suffered from a workplace injury with other services we offer. These other services include finding qualified workers’ compensation attorneys, and physicians to assist in recovery. We’re more than confident that when you choose us for your workplace injury needs, you’ll be satisfied with our work. For any inquiries, you may call us at 844.238.9313 or visit our contact page.

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