What is Workers’ Compensation?

September 28, 2021

Getting injured is not only painful, but it also makes your everyday life difficult. It causes issues with your health, social life, everyday life, career, and finances. Thanks to Florida’s worker compensation system, you can still receive financial assistance to supplement the loss of your income. Once injured on the job, take these next steps to file a claim. You need to submit a Florida workers’ compensation claim and show that your injury or illness happened while at work.

What To Expect After You Apply For Worker’s Compensation.

Once you apply, you will also be eligible for temporary disability benefits. This only applies to those who are unable to work for over 21 days.

You can receive these benefits until certain points in time, like when your doctor says you are allowed to go back to work. You will be clear and no longer receive benefits since you can go on to continue supporting yourself. Another instance is when It is apparent that your condition won’t improve and you will need more intense treatments. This is when you will become eligible for MMI, which is a maximum medical improvement. One last instance when you will stop receiving benefits is when you’ve reached the maximum amount of time allowed for temporary disability benefits. The max amount of time is up to 2 years.

Those who are cleared to go to work while partially still disabled may receive temporary and partial disability. If you earn less than you did before, the temporary disability benefits will supplement your income.

Permanent Impairment Benefits

When you have received all the required medical treatments necessary, your doctor will re-evaluate you to see if you have a permanent condition or any loss of functional capacity you need to perform at work. Your ability to work will be rated by your doctor as a percentage. If you receive as much as you did before your injury, your percentage will be less than if you were to earn less.

Pharmacy Benefits

Workers’ compensation can be confusing for both the employee and employer. OPN is here to assist with any work-related incidents. Allowing OPN to help deliver the doctor recommended and prescribed medication to relieve the injured employee takes the stress off of all parties.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits

If it turns out that you now have a permanent disability and are unable to perform at any sort of job, then you become eligible for permanent total disability benefits.

Other benefits, such as death benefits, vocational rehabilitation, and medical benefits also exist.As you have learned, workers’ compensation benefits only act as a supplement to the full pay an individual received while working.

Our Pharmacy Network is a pharmacy that provides delivery of medications for those on workers’ compensation who are unable to get the medications themselves. As a pharmacy for injured workers in Florida, OPN wants to help patients, attorneys, physicians, and payers by shipping any prescribed medication to the injured employee immediately.

Home Pharmacy Delivery Services 

Through our home pharmacy delivery service, we will ship and deliver prescription medication to you, on time and with no out-of-pocket cost. We will ship medication directly to your home or office in the South Florida area.

Our Pharmacy Network is a workers comp pharmacy specializing in prescription delivery. We will handle all aspects of obtaining workers’ comp prescriptions. We handle the logistics so you can focus on your health.

Contact us today at  844.238.9313 or visit our contact page.

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