The Physician’s Role In A Workers’ Compensation Claim

September 10, 2018
The Physician’s Role In A Workers’ Compensation Claim

People who need to file a worker’s compensation injury claim should choose Our Pharmacy Network. Our Pharmacy Network is the best workers’ compensation pharmacy network in Florida. We help people who are suffering from injuries as a result of a fall, or an automobile accident. Our Pharmacy Network delivers medications to injured employees with no out of pocket costs. The services we provide are an excellent benefit to those who cannot make it to a pharmacy and need to focus on healing. The role of a physician is a crucial part of Our Pharmacy Network services. We want to ensure that a physician will inform their patients of the best and most convenient option for receiving their prescriptions following their work-related injury. In order to be better informed, a patient should understand a workers compensation claim and the role of their physician in their claim case.

The Physician’s Role In A Workers’ Compensation Claim

  • What Is A Workers Compensation Claim?
  • Role Of Physician
  • Convenience

What Is A Workers Compensation Claim?

A worker’s compensation claim refers to a system of laws outlining specific benefits to which injured employees are entitled to receiving benefits. The procedure for obtaining such benefits includes filing a worker’s compensation claim. Typically, as soon as an employee suffers an injury they should report it. Delaying in reporting may result in being denied benefits from the insurance company. Most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation in order to ensure employees who are injured on the job will get the proper compensation.

Role Of Physician

The role of a physician in a worker’s compensation claim process is essential. A patient’s ability to choose their own physician for treatment depends on the state and where the claim is filed. Some states require that an injured employee be seen by a doctor chosen by the employer’s workers compensation insurance carrier. A physician will be able to assist the patient in obtaining the right medication and dosage. The role of the physician can provide specific instructions on how to properly heal along with their medications. A physician can also make important decisions that can affect a patient’s recovery and benefits.


Our Pharmacy Network’s medication delivery service is of great convenience to those who are injured. Injured people may be dealing with severe injuries such as broken limbs, or have difficulty moving. As a result, patients may not be able to drive to a pharmacy in order to obtain their medications. A physician can inform their patient of Our Pharmacy Network delivery service which will provide relief. As a result, an injured person can now have peace of mind and will be sure to obtain their medications from the convenience of their own home.

Our Pharmacy Network is the number one worker’s compensation injury pharmacy network. We are dedicated to providing our patients with the best quality care and services. Call today at (844) 238-9313 to speak to a qualified representative regarding Our Pharmacy Network workers compensation needs!

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