The Common Issues When Filing For Workers’ Comp

August 14, 2018
The Common Issues When Filing For Workers’ Comp

A direct pharmacy can help injured workers receive compensation that they need by filling prescriptions, delivering those prescriptions quickly, and collaborating with all the bureaucratic parties to remove any unnecessary delays.


It is estimated that 2 million Americans, on and off workers’ compensation, abuse or depend on opioid prescriptions. Out of these people, 115 die to overdose every day. Because of the stigma associated with opioid misuse, workers compensation payers have cut back on their drug spending. The solution to the opioid epidemic is perhaps not to cut back on opioid distribution but to provide better safety communication. Helping injured workers understand how to properly manage their medications safely and giving direct help to those in higher risk situations which lead to overdoses are some of the potential solutions.




Workers’ compensation is a complicated area to venture into. Both the fields of medicine and law are required to contribute to the individual’s case. A doctor must decide whether the injury is sufficient enough to qualify for compensation, and they must discern whether the injury originated from some work-related activity or elsewhere. For example, a worker may have broken their back which may have caused anxiety or other mental illnesses. These two conditions are in the different fields of physiology and psychiatry.  


All of these are taken into account and used by a lawyer to get the injured worker what they need. At this point, the lawyer will be interpreting the results of the doctors to conform to a set definition of what is disabled. Then they will have to argue that not only is the injury enough to prevent work but how much and for how long compensation is required due to the degree of injury.


Accelerated Aid


Insurance companies are always reluctant to give compensation to injured persons because of standard procedures to maintain profits. This will sometimes lead to the denial of benefits to someone who clearly qualifies for it.  Our Pharmacy Network will communicate with the insurance companies and give them any needed information like delivery or prescription specifics. This will hasten the qualification of the injured worker.


By cutting out the extra steps in the process there is also less room for something to go wrong in the chain of order. Any mistakes on the claims can result in denials or delays in compensation.

A workers’ comp pharmacy can administer prescriptions as quickly as possible. Our Pharmacy Network allows medication delivery to injured workers. This convenient method of providing aid helps attorneys do their job. They will have an easier time negotiating for the needs of their client because the cost of getting the medication will be less. By calling Our Pharmacy Network at 818-609-7005 or visiting any worker can find the aid they need sooner.

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