The Benefits of Medication Delivery

July 11, 2018
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Using a medication delivery service can prove to be very beneficial for those taking medication for chronic conditions. Getting to a pharmacy to pick up medication can be a daunting task if disabled or are busy. Patients reap the benefits of prescription delivery service by joining a reliable pharmacy network. A drop-off survey performed in 2016 showed that 43 percent of Americans have a strong desire to have healthcare items delivered to their doorstep. Here are some of the major benefits of medication delivery in Fort Lauderdale.

Enhance Medication Adherence

Medication adherence can be challenging, especially if they are multiple prescriptions with their own set of instructions. Buying all the medication separately at a local drugstore makes it even more complex. If using a medication delivery service, all medications can be delivered right to the door. They are readily sorted in a single package, arranged according to the day and time and with clear instructions on how to take them.

Save Money

A research study by the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) shows that about two-thirds of Americans who take medications do not take them correctly. This costs the United States healthcare system over $300 billion each year. With a customized medication delivery program, much-needed drugs can be sent to the home each month, and the patient only pays for what is actually used. Medication errors can be avoided, so that can reduce the cost of additional medical expenses.

Reduce Medical Waste

Unused prescription drugs become a medical waste with severe environmental, health, and financial consequences. With a home delivery service, medications can be delivered in the correct dosage and amount. This will help to lower the risk of unused drugs getting disposed of in water supplies and landfills.

Improved Medication Accuracy

Efficient pharmacy delivery service entails the use of advanced computer technology to make sure that prescriptions are filled properly. Pharmacy delivery services are able to accomplish greater medication accuracy than brick and mortar drugstores. With a medication management plan that features a medication delivery service, the correct medications and dosage can be sent properly. This reduces the risks of adverse reactions and hospitalization.

Better Medication Management Processes

Another major benefit of using a delivery service is the enhanced efficiency in the medication management process. Delivery pharmacies enhance efficiency for patients in various ways. First, they lower costs associated with filling prescriptions. Secondly, they are able to accommodate large quantities of prescriptions. The pharmacy is able to concentrate on the clinical needs of the patient rather than counting pills. A pharmacy delivery service also allows potential savings for both payers and patients alike.

Need for Privacy

Medication delivery is also advantageous for those patients who want to keep their health conditions private. Placing and ordering online can have the preferred medication delivered right to the doorstep.

Even though medication delivery is a convenient service, it is a need for many injured patients. For injured or disabled persons, it is important to take prescribed medication issued from the Doctor. Our Pharmacy Network is a medical referral service that specializes in delivering medications for those in need. Contact us today for more information about our medication delivery in Fort Lauderdale at 1-844-238-9313.


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