The Benefits of Filing For Workers’ Comp in Florida

June 13, 2018
Work-Related Injuries — Our Pharmacy Network (OPN)

Workers’ compensation benefits in Florida are designed to cover the medical costs and lost wages associated with workplace injuries. Injuries can be covered if they are caused by an accident or carelessness on behalf of the employee or employer. All workplace injuries are to be reported to the company’s human resources administrator or department. Injuries that might be covered by workers’ comp should be reported as quickly as possible. The benefits of filing for workers’ compensation following a workplace injury can make a major impact on an employee’s life.

Workers’ Compensation & Medical Bills

Medical bills add up quickly following an injury of any kind. Emergency room visits, follow-ups, and physical therapy are all types of medical visits that produce bills which workers’ compensation may cover. An injury such as a cut can start off small but get infected. If the injury is recorded and reported properly from the beginning, then workers’ compensation will still cover the medical costs. It is never clear from the start what all of the long-term complications can be for an injury. Always err on the safe side and report any potential workers’ compensation claims.

Workers’ Compensation & Prescription Medications

Another cost that works compensation can cover includes prescription medications to treat a workplace injury. At Our Pharmacy Network, we specialize in filling and delivering prescriptions for workers comp claims. An injury can lead to infections, pain, or a plethora of other symptoms medications can treat. Not all individuals are able to get to pharmacies following a major injury or they are not able to get out of work before their pharmacy closes. In addition to the actual medication, prescription delivery is free from Our Pharmacy Network under workers’ comp benefits. Filing for workers’ compensation benefits in Florida will ensure an employee gets the medication they need to heal quickly.

Workers’ Compensation & Lost Wages

For workplace injuries that lead to employees missing work, workers’ compensation can cover up to a certain amount in lost wages. For countless individuals across Florida, missing even one day of work can send them behind in their bills. Employees can avoid the financial strain by taking advantage of the workers’ compensation benefits they are entitled to.

Additional Coverage from Workers’ Compensation

Medical bills, prescriptions, and lost wages for individuals are not the only expenses covered by workers’ compensation. The benefits of workers’ comp also include disability payouts and coverage in the event of death. If the injury causes an employee to be out of work temporarily or permanently, workers’ comp will pay out a certain percentage of the employee’s normal pay. In the event of death by a work-related injury, workers comp will pay out the benefits to the individual’s spouse, children, or dependents. Coverage in the case of death includes the cost of the burial.

There are many benefits to filing for workers’ comp following an injury. Always report injuries to human resources to ensure that the proper paperwork and procedures are followed. At Our Pharmacy Network, we make sure that our workers’ compensation clients get their medication when they need it. We will handle all of the phone calls and technical paperwork to avoid delays in processing prescriptions and payments. For prescription delivery that is covered by workers’ compensation benefits in Florida, contact Our Pharmacy at (844)238-9313.

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