Injured Workers Pharmacy
For Patients

Injured Workers Pharmacy for Patients

Our Pharmacy Network understands the difficulties of a work-related injury. We ease all problems that follow a work-related injury especially for those injured on the job. An injured worker may be in pain when moving around or may not be able to move at all. Become informed about patient eligibility through Our Pharmacy Network’s doctor prescribed medication delivery. OPN entitles an injured patient to free shipment of their doctor prescribed medication. This convenience will make all the difference!

OPN makes sure patients do not have to waste any more time or money on handling treatment post-injury. Our mission is to make every step following a work-related injury simple and hassle-free. As a workers comp pharmacy, we are dedicated to the injured worker by helping to begin the healing process and work hard to get quick doorstep delivery.

What An Injured Workers Pharmacy Can Do For You

Our Pharmacy Network is an injured workers pharmacy servicing South Florida.

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