Mistakes That Can Lead To A Denied Workers Compensation Claim

September 4, 2019
Workers' Compensation Claims — State of Florida — Our Pharmacy Network (OPN)

Filing a workers compensation claim can be tricky, especially if an injured working is trying to do it on their own without the help of a qualified workers comp attorney. Between filling out all required paperwork correctly and meeting specific deadlines, there are many claim mistakes an individual can make along the way that can jeopardize their workers’ compensation case.

At Our Pharmacy Network, our knowledgeable and experienced team is well versed when it comes to workers compensation claim dos and don’ts. We will assist you during every step of the workers’ compensation process and provide you the correct information when it comes to filing your claim. We will also direct you to our network of experienced worker comp attorneys to assist you with your case. Through our service, we will fill and refill workers comp prescriptions and provide medication delivery straight to your door, free of charge.

Many workers compensation claim mistakes can be completely avoidable if an injured worker is aware of them, especially with the help of an attorney.

Report Your Injury Promptly

The first and most important thing an injured worker should do after they have been injured at work is to immediately report their injury to their employer. By law, an injured worker is required to notify their employer of a work-related injury in writing within 30 days of the incident. If an employer has certain policies for reporting workplace injuries, then it is essential that an injured worker follow these instructions, carefully.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

After you report your injury to your employer, it is crucial that you seek medical attention as quickly as possible. During the doctor’s visit, it is extremely important that you give a detailed account of how you were injured. An injured worker should also inform their treating physician about all of their injuries and complaints. If there are any discrepancies or certain injuries are left out, then the insurance company can possibly use that against you in your case.

File A Workers Compensation Claim Within The Statue Of Limitations

Even though there is a statute of limitation of two years for filing a workers compensation claim, all injured workers should try to file their claim as soon as possible in order to protect their rights. It is important to note that there may be different filing requirements depending on if the work-related injury or illness resulted over a period of time or occurred in a single incident or accident.  

Regularly See Your Doctor

If you miss work due to a work-related injury or you are receiving monetary workers’ compensation benefits, then it is essential that you see your treating physician on a regular basis in order to get an updated medical evaluation that will serve as evidence of your disability. Through workers compensation, an injured worker must see their doctor at least once every 90 days in order to update their disability status for their benefits.

Fill Your Workers’ Compensation Prescriptions At Our Pharmacy Network

If your doctor has prescribed medication to help you with your work-related injury, then choose Our Pharmacy Network for all of your workers’ compensation prescription needs. Our workers’ compensation pharmacy specialists will ensure that your prescriptions are filled in a timely manner and delivered to your home, quickly and efficiently. We will communicate with your treating physician and notify you if you have to visit the doctor’s office in order to keep receiving your prescription medication. If you want to use the most trusted and efficient workers comp pharmacy in Florida, then give us a call at 844-238-9313.

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