How To File Workers Comp Claims In Florida

October 12, 2018
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Knowing how to file workers comp claims correctly can be a daunting process. At Our Pharmacy Network, we understand that dealing with your employer and the insurance company while you are injured is not an ideal situation. We are a workers comp pharmacy that works with lawyers and physicians to help simplify the process and get you back on your feet.

Workers’ compensation benefits can include income replacement benefits, permanent disability benefits, and reimbursement for medical treatment. If you have a work-related injury, there are important Florida workers compensation requirements that must be met in order to start receiving benefits.

Report Your Injury To Your Employer

If an employee has been injured at the work-place, then the first thing he or she should do is report the injury to their employer. Work-related injuries that are not reported within the first 30 days may not be entitled to workers comp benefits. The report can be oral or in writing. In many cases, employers have proper procedures for reporting workplace injuries.

Seek Medical Attention

An employee should seek medical attention immediately following a work-related injury. It is important to notify the treating physician that the injury was due to a work-related incident. In the case that an employee needs to prove that the injury was work-related, evidence provided by the treating doctor will be useful.

Submit Workers Compensation Claim

A claim should be filed with the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation as soon as possible. If a claim is not filed within two years of the work-related injury, then all workers’ comp benefits may be lost.

Receive Workers’ Comp Benefits

If an employee qualifies for workers comp benefits, then he or she should start receiving bi-weekly checks in the mail 21 days after the injury was reported. If an employee does not qualify for benefits then he or she can file a petition with the recommended guidance from an attorney.

Our Pharmacy Network is dedicated to helping employees injured at the workplace. We will deliver medication straight to your doorstep when you are unable to pick it up due to a work-related injury. If you have been injured at work and want to know how we can help then give us a call at 844-238-9313.

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