How First Responders Benefit from Working With Our Pharmacy Network

March 7, 2018
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Answering the call of duty, first responders play a critical role in protecting and saving lives. The men and women who risk their lives go beyond answering the call to ensure the safety of their communities. A first responder serves the public by performing their high-risk occupation. They can face injury while on the job and need medication to treat their wounds and physical ailments. When injured on the job, first responders may not receive full treatment or the necessary medication through their medical insurance or workers’ compensation claim. Not receiving the proper medication puts a physical strain on first responders.

Our Pharmacy Network understands the importance of the duties first responders perform on a daily basis. We are dedicated to providing first responders with the right match for the medication needed for recovery. We ensure first responders receive the information and resources needed to assist them with their health claims.

Pharmaceutical Treatment:

Working a physically demanding job asserts a tremendous amount of strain on the body. It not only affects muscle groups, but it is mentally stressful as well. The body becomes sore which causes the development of aches and pains. This makes it difficult for first responders to perform their duties. Medicine can be expensive for first responders whose insurance may not fully cover the cost. That’s why Our Pharmacy Network works with First Responders to ensure they get the medication they need while their claim is being resolved.

  • Prescribed Course of Treatment – Prescribed medicines for the specific diseases are compensated through the Heart and Lung Bill.
  • Independent Medical Examination – An independent medical evaluation can be requested in the event of a dispute of the prescribed medical treatment.
  • Qualification for Prescribed Course of Treatment – Your personal physician is caused by significant aggravation of hypertension, tuberculosis, and heart disease.
  • Worker’s Compensation – Medical treatment of aggravated symptoms of heart disease, high blood pressure, and tuberculosis are granted under the Heart and Lung Bill.

Researching your insurance policy for qualifying medical benefits can be difficult. Having direction on how to proceed can give you the best treatment options going forward. If you are a first responder that has health issues affected by work, Our Pharmacy Network can help. Our team of experts can walk you through the process and give you the information needed to make the best health decisions. For a free consultation, contact us at 1-844-238-9313.


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