How to Find a Good Workers’ Comp Attorney

October 16, 2020
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It’s something that you hoped would never happen to you. But now you’re severely injured as a result of your work duties and you’re going to need workers’ compensation to help pay for medical costs. You would hope that you can get your workers’ compensation easily, but as it turns out, the process is proving to be very challenging. And now you’ll need to find a workers’ comp attorney to help you. But where do you even begin? How do you find a good workers’ comp attorney?

If you’re stuck in a position such as this, don’t fret. Our Pharmacy Network understands just how difficult it can be to receive your workers’ compensation benefits due to legal matters. For this reason, we’ve drafted this small guide for those who are unsure how to look for an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

Continue reading below so that you can learn how to find a good workers’ comp attorney today!

What You Should do When Trying to Look For a Quality Workers’ Comp Attorney

There are many things you can do in order to find an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. However, the most prominent steps you should take include:

Gathering as Many Names as Possible

When you’re first beginning your search for a good workers comp attorney, it’s important that you jot down as many names as possible. You always want to ensure that you provide yourself with enough variety so that you can evaluate your choices and choose which is best. You can always go to the internet and look up good attorneys within your general area. You can even rely on your local bar association’s lawyer referral service. But don’t just look to online resources. Ask around — ask your friends, family, coworkers, anybody! — for references regarding a good worker’s comp attorney.

A good attorney is one that has a massive portfolio of references. The best attorneys are ones that are recommended by businesses and firms, such as the ones that are deeply connected with Our Pharmacy Network.

Perform Background Research

You probably don’t need to be told this, but we can’t stress enough how important it is that you do background research.

You can visit an attorney’s website, and they’ll claim that they’re a great choice for your case. And they may even have testimonials on their site provided by satisfied customers. But it’s crucial that you go deeper into your research than just skimming what they list. Look online through other reviews, and if you’re able to, ask people in-person who were provided service by certain attorneys.

As you’re performing background research on an attorney that’s piquing your interest, ensure that their listed services emphasize on workers’ comp expertise. It’s very easy for a customer to focus their attention on a single attorney only to find out later that they’re not as experienced or knowledgeable about workers’ compensation as they thought they were.

Three signs that indicate the attorney you’re researching is experienced in workers’ compensation include:

  • Articles or pages of information concerning workers’ compensation are listed on their website.
  • Testimonials or reviews regarding the lawyer mention workers’ compensation are evident.
  • A long and successful track record.

Meet With Potential Lawyers

When you narrow your search down to a few attorneys, it’s important that you meet with them in person. By doing so, they can explain to you their expertise and you’ll be able to guarantee if their services will assist you. But other than them informing you about their services, it’s equally important that you consult with them and treat your meeting like an interview.

It’s important you recognize that you’re the one that’s hiring the workers’ comp attorney for their services. You should be asking just as many questions as they’re asking you.

A few general questions that you can ask potential attorneys include:

  • How long have your been handling workers’ compensation claims?
  • Will you be working on my case personally or will a legal assistant perform most of the work?
  • How do you estimate the value of my case? What are the strengths and weaknesses of my case?

There are many more questions you should ask about their experience and how they can help with your case. The questions you ask will be uniquely based on how your case can be resolved and if you’ll be able to receive workers’ compensation or not.

Contact Our Pharmacy Network Today to Get in Touch With One of Their Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Our Pharmacy Network has provided its quality services to Florida first responders and injured workers for many years. And thanks to this, we are regarded as one of the most established and experienced pharmacy delivery service providers in the entire state. But other than ensuring our clients get the medication they need, we also connect them with our list of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys. If you happen to be struggling in receiving the workers’ compensation benefits that you need, don’t hesitate at all in contacting us. We can help you.

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