How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Florida

April 13, 2020
Florida Workers' Compensation

You pray that it would never happen to you, but now you’re the victim of a work-related injury and you need the money to help pay for your condition. You can be entitled to Florida Workers’ Compensation benefits, which will help pay for medical costs and allow you to receive compensation for wage loss and other financial assistance. But to collect these benefits you must meet other certain requirements, one of which includes reporting your injury to your employer within a certain amount of time. If you feel uncertain as to how you’re able to receive these benefits, then continue reading below and see how you can receive Florida Workers’ Compensation.

The Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim Process

Depending on certain requirements, Florida employers must have workers’ compensation coverage. And like all other states, Florida has a no-fault workers’ compensation system. This means that you don’t need to prove that your employer acted carelessly in order to receive benefits. As long as your injury is work-related, you will likely be eligible for benefits.


When reporting an injury, your first step is to notify your employers. For most injuries, in Florida, you must report it within 30 days. If you’ve discovered a condition or illness that has developed due to your work-related injury then you must notify your employer within 30 days of the discovery. If you don’t notify your employer of any of these with these deadlines then you’ll likely lose or all of your benefits.

It’s important that you provide as much detail as you possibly can when notifying your employer. Some important details include:

  • when the accident occurred
  • how you hurt yourself
  • Symptoms you are experiencing as a result of your injury.

After notifying, your employer should send you to an occupational doctor. In Florida, your employer chooses your doctor unless you need emergency treatment. It’s important that you give your doctor the same details as you have given your employer.

After You’ve Reported Your Injury

After notifying your employer, your employer must report your claim to their insurance company within seven days. If they refuse to, you can report the claim directly yourself and then the insurance company will determine your eligibility for benefits. Investigation surrounding your work-related injury may involve

  • analyzing your work experience, education, and wages
  • reviewing your medical records
  • ordering a medical examination to assess your condition, and
  • an assessment of your ability to perform work duties.

The insurance company will either approve or deny your workers’ compensation benefits. In many cases, unfortunately, insurance companies deny workers’ claims. If approved, however,  you’ll receive disability payments and other benefits.

Appealing a Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim

In the event that your claim is denied, you must file a petition for benefits within two years of your injury or one year of your last wage loss or medical payment. Unless your claim is very simple, you should consider hiring the expert service of a workers’ compensation lawyer to handle your appeal. You may be interested to know that Our Pharmacy Network works very closely with lawyers to assist patrons in handling appeals for denied workers’ compensation claims.

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