Florida’s Workers Compensation Rules

June 15, 2018
Workers' Compensation — State of Florida — Our Pharmacy Network (OPN)

When people think of Florida, they probably think of a sunny place full of tourists and fun. To entertain all of these people, there has to be a lot of workers, who all do different tasks and jobs. Doing these jobs can lead to injuries and require a workers’ compensation claim to file. When filling out a workers’ comp claim it’s important to know the Florida workers’ compensation rules. Common questions asked about the Florida workers’ compensation rules include:


A majority of Florida companies provide workers’ compensation insurance which is a huge safeguard for many Florida workers. The benefits one receives is completely dependent on how much the injuries impacted one’s ability to work. To receive these benefits, all one needs is proof that the injury occurred in the workplace. There’s no need to convince any employers.

There are some limits to an injury. Physical injury and diseases will be covered by workers’ compensation, however, any mental injuries are not considered when fighting under workers’ compensation.

Different Types of Benefits

There are three main types of benefits available for Florida workers:

  • Impairment benefits
  • Temporary total disability (TTD)
  • Temporary partial disability (TPD)

Impairment benefits are simple. If one receives any permanent disabilities resulting from an injury, you will be paid for them. TPD benefits pay 80% of the difference between 80% of the wages before an injury and the amount one is able to make now if one is not able to earn the amount they were making prior to an injury. TTD benefits are about 67% of the wages one makes.

When do Benefits Begin and End

It all comes down to how long the injury lasts. If a disability lasts less than 22 days, benefits will not kick in until day 8 of a disability. If a disability lasts more than 21 days, benefits will date back to day 1 of the injury. With TTD and TPD services, one may only receive 104 weeks of benefits.


Before one can claim workers’ compensation, an authorized doctor must treat you to make sure that the disability is real and related to the injury. Unfortunately, in the state of Florida, employers are not required to hold an employee position open for the employee until they are healthy again which may result in the loss of one’s position in a company.

Benefits Denied

If a disability has been confirmed by an authorized doctor and the place of work denies benefits, an attorney can help file a lawsuit against the workers’ compensation insurance company. The claim that is filed will be based on the cause of action, inaccurate diagnosis of the workers’ compensation insurance doctor, or an incorrect amount of benefits supplied.

If injured on the job, make sure the right course of action is taken and fight under the Florida workers’ compensation insurance. Benefits may be available to help deal with the disabilities sustained at work. If there are any questions about Florida workers’ compensation insurance or the benefits that come with it, call Our Pharmacy Network at (844)238-9313.

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