Three Myths For Police Officers Regarding the Heart And Lung Bill

May 8, 2019
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The Heart and Lung Bill or Florida Statute 112.18 is a piece of legislation designed to offer added legal protection to sworn officers, police officers, firefighters, probational and correctional officers, and EMT with fire rescue who suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, or tuberculosis. In the state of Florida, first responders by law can choose which pharmacy they want to use to fill their workers’ comp prescriptions. Our Pharmacy Network specializes in filling and delivering medication for first responders under the Florida Heart and Lung Bill.

Our Pharmacy Network is a pharmacy for first responders that is well versed when it comes to the specifications and limitations concerning the Florida Heart And Lung Bill. We are strong advocates of education, providing seminars that inform first responders of the benefits that they are entitled to if they later become ill due to their time on the job. Our pharmacy specialists work closely with all parties involved in order to expedite the process, enabling first responders to start receiving their benefits as soon as possible.

Heart And Lung Bill

First responders risk their lives every day to keep us safe. Unfortunately, due to the nature of their jobs, they also put themselves at risk to develop work-related health issues concerning their heart and lungs. The Florida Heart and Lung bill were created to protect and provide benefits to first responders. In order to qualify for these benefits, state employees must have passed a physical examination when they are first hired, clearing them of any preexisting heart or lung health conditions. There must also be a partial or total disability or death in order for a first responder to be eligible for the benefits under this bill.

There are several myths that many first responders believe when it comes to the Florida Heart and Lung Bill.

It Affects Their Career Longevity

Many first responders believe that if they are injured on the job and apply for their entitled benefits under the Florida Heart And Lung Bill that it may negatively affect the longevity of their career. First responders receiving benefits that they are entitled to for a work-related issue will not be penalized and have their working years cut short. In fact, the complete opposite is true. This bill was put into place in order to provide medical benefits so injured workers can recover and get back to their jobs.

They Could Potentially Lose Their Jobs

Taking it a step further, there is a common belief that if first responders develop a work-related issue and seek benefits under the Florida Heart and Lung Bill that they could potentially lose their jobs as a result. Health and safety is a priority and seeking medical benefits in order to get better will not jeopardize their jobs.

Their Weapons Can Be Taken Away

Another myth is that weapons such as guns will be taken away if a health-related issue has been deemed as a cause of possible PTSD. This notion is also false. Weapons will not be taken away from sworn officers just because they qualify for benefits under the Florida Heart And Lung Bill.

Workers Comp Pharmacy Benefits

At Our Pharmacy Network, first responders will never be billed, will never have to pay a copay, and will never be charged a shipping fee for their medication. If they qualify for benefits under the Florida Heart and Lung Bill, then all costs associated with medication delivery will be covered. If you are interested in coming to an upcoming seminar or would like to know more information about your rights, then give us a call at 844-2358-9313.

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