First Responders: What Does The Heart and Lung Bill Covers

August 8, 2018
Heart & Lung Bill — State of Florida — Our Pharmacy Network (OPN)

First responders who are involved in a work-related injury should utilize the services of Our Pharmacy Network and take advantage of the Heart and Lung Bill. Our Pharmacy Network is based in Florida and provides medications to individuals who have been injured in a vehicle accident, slip and fall, and work-related injuries. First responders are trained to perform a dangerous occupation and are at risk of getting injured on the job. The Heart and Lung Bill covers respiratory diseases suffered by firefighters, police officers, and other emergency responders. In order for a person to be qualified for these benefits, state employees must have passed a physical examination upon being hired.

First Responders: What The Heart and Lung Bill Covers

  • Medical Benefits
  • Protecting A Patient
  • Contacting An Attorney
  • Documentation

Medical Benefits

A person is eligible for these benefits as a result of a work-related injury. Conditions that cause tuberculosis, heart disease, or hypertension resulting in disability and have presumed to be accidental will result in being qualified. Once a person is deemed qualified, the patient must file a claim within a two-year statute of limitations to obtain workers’ compensation. Once this process is completed, the Heart and Lung Bill will be effective once a person receives permanent work restrictions which result in a loss of income from the date of the accident.

Protecting A Patient

Attending regular exams and checkups with a physician can reduce or eliminate various risk factors. Obesity, smoking, and high cholesterol can all be prevented and be eliminated as a defense claim. Any of these conditions should follow a course of treatment suggested by a physician. If a patient fails to undergo treatment this can be used to defend a claim under the 2010 amendments to the statute.

Contacting An Attorney

Since the introduction of the Heart and Lung Bill, the costs have exceeded policymakers’ expectations. Employers often aren’t flexible in paying for health benefits for employees. People who are firefighters and in law enforcement have a difficult time paying for their healthcare. For the first responders who are struggling to make medical payments, they should contact a workers’ compensation attorney to get the assistance they deserve. Workers compensation attorneys in the state of Florida have an in-depth understanding of this law and will provide their services and assistance to those in need.


There are various documents needed in order to file a claim. A driver’s license is used for identification purposes containing a photo, and an address will allow for basic information on the client to be recorded. Other necessary documents include a social security card, a copy of a physical from a physician, and a copy of the accident report. Having these documents will allow for the process to run smoothly and efficiently.

First Responders perform dangerous jobs that often put them at risk. Call Our Pharmacy Network today at (888) 238-9313 to find out how the Heart and Lung Bill and our services will be able to serve first responders in the state of Florida! Visit us on the web at Our Pharmacy Network for more information.

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