Benefits of Working With Workers’ Comp Attorneys

February 9, 2018
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When medication is denied, it can not only cause problems for the patient, but for any parties involved. Often times this leaves the patient with more questions than answers and not knowing where to turn to. For that reason, patients can rely on the expert advice of attorneys and Our Pharmacy Network.

What is the Workers’ Compensation process and Benefit?

Have you ever filed a workers’ compensation claim, but are unfamiliar with the process? Our Pharmacy Network (OPN) can help you with filing a worker’s comp claim, and see it through. We review a patient’s claim in litigation, and our claims department helps you find a skilled workers’ compensation attorney. The goal is to ensure that the client’s treatment is uninterrupted during the claim process.

The specialized team directive is to obtain information and litigation updates from all parties involved. OPN’s experience in workers’ comp claims has allowed a dynamic shift from simple prescription benefits management, to advocating patient’s needs. The specialists work diligently with claims adjusters daily, sifting through issues and denials to iron out complications of the claim.

They communicate with the patient’s doctor to gather medical information such as treatment, medication documentation, and site of injury inquiries. This grants OPN the ability to provide claim status updates directly with your office, and any supporting documentation promptly. The expedited results launch resolutions of disputes and denials.

OPN’s specialist’s gauge issues that are addressed in court and are cross-referenced against denial information received from the claims adjuster. To provide the firm with the latest information, claims are regularly inspected, so updates can be sent.

Detailed reports of the client’s medication history is a task conventional pharmacies aren’t able to facilitate. They cannot provide billing insights and payment process details. Claim resolutions will be handled smoothly for the post-litigation transition. This reduces potential issues and disruptions in the patient’s prescription care.

OPN’s patients are our focus, aside from working with adjusters, doctors and law firms. In the unlikely event of denied prescriptions, we have the capability to deliver much-needed medications to the patient, no matter the circumstance. This means less hassle for our clients as they do not have to spend their own time attempting to call for updates. We take care of administrative tasks, so the patient doesn’t have to worry.

Florida Workers Comp Pharmacy

Why Choose Our Pharmacy Network for Workers’ Comp Help?

Our Pharmacy Network is the choice for workers’ compensation assistance. Our network of attorneys works diligently on your behalf to provide the best possible outcome for your claim. The uninterrupted supply of our client’s medication needs is our focus during the workers’ compensation process You can count on OPN’s team of experienced consultants and attorneys to handle the legalities and administrative work associated with your claim. For workers’ compensation assistance today, give us a call at 1-844-238-9313.

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