About Florida First Responders & PTSD

September 16, 2020
About Florida First Responders & PTSD

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Laws surrounding Florida’s Workers’ Compensation can be challenging to understand. Especially if you’re a first responder. You find that you may possibly have PTSD as result of your work duties. And even though you may be entitled to workers’ compensation, it’s difficult to know for sure what the requirements are. But don’t worry; if you’re a Florida first responder, then continue reading below. We’ve compiled a small list of common questions regarding Florida first responders, workers’ compensation, and PTSD for you below.

About Florida First Responders & PTSD

How do You Qualify For PTSD Provisions Under Workers’ Compensation?

In order to receive PTSD provisions under Florida workers’ compensation, you must be diagnosed with PTSD by a licensed psychiatrist who is an authorized treating physician. And your PTSD must have resulted from duties performed as a first responder within the course of his or her employment.

If you’ve been having nightmares or reoccurring unwanted memories of the trauma, have been avoiding situations that bring back memories of the trauma, have heightend reactions, anxiety, or depressed moods that have likely resulted from the trauma, you may have PTSD.

What Are The Qualifying Events For PTSD Provisions?

There are many qualifying events that Florida first responders may experience while performing their duties. Some of them include:

  • Seeing for oneself a deceased minor
  • Directly witnessing the death of a minor
  • Seeing for oneself a decedent whose death involved grievous bodily harm of a nature that shocks the conscience
  • And much more.

There’d be too many qualifying events to state in this article. For this reason, we highly implore you to learn more about qualifying events under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation laws by clicking HERE.

How Do I File a Claim For PTSD & How Long do I Have?

In order to file a claim for PTSD you must notify your employer or carrier. This claim must be noticed to the employer within 52 weeks of the qualifying event.

As an additional note, when filing a claim for PTSD, only a licensed psychiatrist authorized by your employer or the insurance company can diagnose PTSD due to one of the qualifying events.

What Benefits Am I Entitled to if I’m Diagnosed With PTSD Under The First Responder Provisions?

If you’re a Florida first responder with a compensable claim for PTSD, then you are entitled to medical benefits and indemnity benefits. Covered medical benefits involve medical treatment that’s recommended by the treating psychiatrist and approved by the carrier. Indemnity benefits are covered at different lengths of time that are dependent upon the first responder’s disability and the employer’s ability to accommodate work restrictions.

What if my PTSD Claim is Denied?

If the insurance carrier does not provide benefits to which you believe you are entitled to or has denied your claim, a Petition for Benefits form must be filed with the Office of Judges of Compensation Claims. In order to access the Petition for Benefits form, you can visit this site: www.jcc.state.fl.us/jcc/forms.

Our Pharmacy Network is More Than Happy to Help Any & All Florida First Responders

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